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Patrician Shores Association
Meredith, New Hampshire

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DOCK RULES-Revised 2005

  1.  Slip licensing is limited exclusively to Patrician Shores property owners who are members in good standing.

  2.  Slip licensing may not be sold, rented or otherwise made available to persons who do not own real property in Patrician Shores.

  3.  Boat Length is to be limited to 24 feet.  Boat width or beam is limited to 8’ 6’’.

  4.  All hardware attached to the dock to be specified by the Dock Committee and subject to the Committee approval.

  5.  No signs, other than those installed by the association, are to be attached to the docks.

  6.  No overnight parking is allowed in guest docking area.

  7.  Boats are not allowed in areas that are not designated docking spaces.

  8. “No Trespassing” signs have been posted and violators will be towed.

  9.  During peak season, as a courtesy to our guests, please limit your time to four hours at the guest docking area.

  10. Launching of boats is prohibited in any area of Patrician Shores.

  11.  Homeowners who have a home/dock may continue to rent their home/dock together as a package, as they have done in the past. If the renter splits their rental season they may not leave their boat in the dock unless they are staying Patrician Shores. When they leave Patrician Shores, the boat goes with them. Violators will be towed from the dock as trespassers, at the dock owner’s expense.

  12.  Homeowners and property owners, who have a dock but not a boat, may continue to rent their docks but only to another Patrician Shores home/property owner. The dock maybe sublet or rented only to renters while they are in residence. Patrician Shores home/property owners must be given first priority for dock rentals.

  13.  It is the responsibility of the dock owners to ensure that these rules are enforced when their dock is rented to another property owner. Violating boats will be towed at the dock owner’s expense and they may have their dock license revoked.

  14.  Slip licensee can convey their license to the purchasers of their property or the next person on the dock waiting list maintained by the Dock Committee and subject to committee approval. In order to provide an orderly license transition, the following guidelines are to be followed:

  •  The dock licensee will notify the Dock Committee in writing of intent to transfer their dock license to a person on the dock waiting list. Included in this notification should be the desired price for this transfer.

  •  The Dock Committee, specifying the terms of the transfer will then mail a certified letter to everyone on the dock waiting list. The associated cost of all mailings and letter preparation will be borne by the current licensee; the dollar amount to be determined at the time of the mailing. All costs are due and payable at that time.

  •  The interested recipient on the waiting list must provide the Dock Committee with written intention to purchase, as specified in the offer letter. All financial transactions are to be processed through the association.

  •  Any arrears accrued by the seller to Patrician Shores Association will be deducted from the gross sales amount collected-the balance to be presented to the seller.